Not all girls are same, every Girl is different. If every girl is same then how you are interested in one of them. Every girl has different qualities and different nature. There are different ways to attract girls. Boys primarily like girls by their looks and Girls like boys by looking their personality. But How to get a girl to like you make easy by following tips. Girls want that a boy should have their own life, well settled, mentally and physically strong, romantic, confident and energetic guy, smart worker, doesn’t worry about outcomes, good looking, make her happy, and always help her, give respect to her. The girls want that a boy should be a good lover, caring, respectful and trustworthy. Every rich and well settled boy always attracts the girl. Girls always want a guy that have positive behavior, and first make to move and have ability to protect her from the others. If you start think that girls only think that it’s not about only money and great personality guys than that this is wrong. Mostly Girls wants a well settled guy having good looking, caring, and positive attitude, spiritually and mentally strong etc.Girls want a guy who is self confident and take right decisions.I hope “How to get a girl to like you” article helps you to find a perfect match.



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