How to get a girl to like you is a big problem. Would you want to know guidelines of “how to get a girl to like you”. Many boys say yes. There are many ways to attract girls, here are some guidelines which helps you to find your dream girl.Girls usually want that a boy should be independent, be her friend, intelligent, and smart, give high value, have their own life, speak to her, make her laugh, ask her out, co-operative, honest, innocent and physically and mentally fit etc. usually, girls attract with boy’s personality and boys attract towards girls by their good look. Girls don’t fall on boys randomly. So firstly, talk to her once in a while, so that make her good friend. You have to make a good impression and notice what she thinks about you. After that, be positive to her. Once you come in her “friend zone”, you can easily find that she likes you or not. Girls always want that boys give him high value. You can also achieve some time with short chat. If she gives sign that she likes you, then you never hide the truth that you like her. Make her laugh so that you both feel comfortable and relax.
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