Many boys admit that they are clueless; they have no clue about “how to get a girl to like you”. I hope this article “How to get a girl to like you” helps them a lot. Many boys remain in a big confusion that she likes him or not. Then, you are in a horrible situation that what you make that she likes you. To solve this problem, here are some steps which will help you a lot. Girls usually attract by boy’s personality and boys attract with girls good look. Girls want that a boy should be independent, be her friend, intelligent, and smart, give high value, have their own life, speak to her, make her laugh, ask her out, co-operative, honest, innocent and physically and mentally fit etc.Very first step is that if you are unknown to her then talk to her just say “hi” in a friendly way, once in a while. After that try to make her good friend. Whenever, you enter her “friend-zone”, you will easily find that she likes you or not. Girls always want a boy that makes her laugh and respect her. Be positive to her because first impression is the last impression. Be best and be confident to her because this will help a lot to attract her.

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