If you want to find out How to get a girl to like you, then you are at a right place. Always treat yourself good-This is a key factor which gives positive point around the girl. She thinks that guy who does not respect himself, how he respects her. Girls are usually attracted with boy’s personality and boys attracted towards girls by their good looks. Girls like those guys who have their own life and independent. Always try to make good impression around girls. Girls want to know that the guy has the ability to protect her from the others boys or not. Girls usually like a boy who are intelligent and smart, who have ability to take right decisions. She also wants that he should be mentally, physically and spiritually fit. Never try to push into the relationship, try to grow up naturally on its own way. Always try to compliment her, if she deserves it. You can compliment her on his skills and personality. Always try to make her laugh; telling her jokes or funny stories is a best way to make her laugh. Girls want to feel more important and high value. Try to give high value to her. I hope this article “How to get a girl to like you” helps a lot.

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