The US Postal offer a new service known as Every door direct mail. It is an attractive mail service that can really help to spread your business. The main purpose of every door direct mail is to help all small business that starts thier new business and wants to spread in local neighborhood areas. It is a very simple and easier service. Your business can take a full advantage of every door direct mail service. Everyone wants to grow thier business and get more customers so every door direct mail service help you a lot. This method really attracts many customers. The key benefit of the every door direct mail is no mailing list is required, no postage permit required, always give better response with large format postcards and you can easily saturate an entire city or zip code having your marketing message. The size of the postcard is 3 times is larger and cost is 9 percent is less. You can also mail postcards as well as brochures, catalogs samples or anything. It is very effective and inexpensive service. Every door direct mail give definitely a success result.

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