EDDM retail is giving a chance to market your business in your neighborhood area without any need of addresses and names. The main benefit is that you can save annual cost that you spent on mailing list and postal permit. EDDM retail program is introduce in march 2011 that allows your US business comes with marketing material to their local post office. Main benefit is that customer do not need to buy mailing list and no need to pay for preparing mail for them. It is very effective technique and not a big investment. Companies love EDDM retail because of several reasons like Postcards easy to read rather than open an envelop, It is less intrusive than e-mail and has less competition, you can easily choose your postcard according to your choice like any color, size and graphic etc.
Many entrepreneurs always try to represent their postcard that shows a lifestyle and products and services of their business. They distribute visually appealing cover image and colorful postcards. Colorful and attractive postcard encourage people to desire such a product and services and lifestyle offered by a company. It is a great way to publicize information that people like the most. If you make a right postcards then you can easily reach your targeted customers to purchase your product and services.

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